I have some question with regards to Digital Frame Synchronizer.

1.) As per my experienced in NTSC format all video sources coming from VHS,commercial DVD's and from Microwave Receiver unit (video output are connected to Frame Sync before going to routing switcher or production switchers, so that we can properly adjust the levels and related video signals as well as to genlocked this system for proper synchronization.

- say I have a professional dvd then component output is connected to the Analog to SDI converter , from the output of SDI converter going to the Grassvalley Production Switcher(SDI), noted that my Analog to SDI converter has no referenced input for genlock, do I need a Frame Synchronizer before I can connect my DVD to the Production Switcher for playback?

Note: That this is a TV broadcast production system for video.

2.) Same also for the de-embedder equipment, we have a linked from another location( from Auditorium to Broadcast Studio) Program output for the auditorium linking to Studio is transmitted by fiber optic modules, then de-embedder separates HD-SDI and AES , noted that the de-embedder equipment has no reference input, do I need to use a frame sync to connect this sources to my studio equipments such as (Harris Platinum routing switcher for the HD-SDI video and for the AES audio connected to my Audio equipments.

What will happen if not connected to Frame Sync? How can I adjust the timing horizontally and vertically as well as video levels, chroma levels?etcc.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Jr. Broadcast Engineer.