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Thread: Creating my own DVD

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    Default Creating my own DVD

    A few years ago I created a dvd of 12 TV episodes I recorded off cable. I do not remember the software I used or how I got all 12 to fit so I'm hoping someone has a suggestion so I can duplicate what I did before with some new episodes I have.

    Each episode is 30 minutes long and is in avi format (roughly 239MB each). Presently all 12 will not fit on a single DVD because of size issues after the encoding. That is the first thing I do not remember, how I made all 12 fit on a single DVD.

    Secondly, whatever software I used (and aparently that I do not have any longer) let me make a title menu of all 12 episodes with no thumbnails, just the title of each episode. Every piece of software I try now does not give me the option of eliminating thumbnails. (see my attachment for a screen shot of what I mean).

    Any suggentions?
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