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Thread: shrink canīt find burner

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    Default shrink canīt find burner

    After i opdateet my system from visat to Windos 7, i canīt get my shrink to work. Shrink is saying that i do not have Nero installed on my computer and therefore will not burn any dvd.
    I recall that i had this problem for many years ago, but can not remember what i did to solve the problem.
    I got Neo 10 suite installed and after that the Shrink.
    Amyone who can telle me what to do to get it to burn to my dvd?

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    Sorry, we cannot discuss DVD Shrink anymore on this forum. Read this announcement and refer to the rules for more information.

    Also, DVD Shrink is rather outdated now, and it's unlikely to work with newer versions of Nero, let alone Windows 7.

    Thread closed.

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