Hi all,

I am hoping somebody here can help me out. I have been converting mkv to play on my PS3 without issues for awhile now. However, I've currently run into a snag. I have some files with subtitles, and I selected all the options to get the subtitles into the output file. However, once the conversion is complete these files are not visible on my ps3.

The completed file has the subtitles and plays on my computer just fine, but it wont even register in my list of videos on the ps3.

Is there an option I am missing? Or do I need to find another way to load them onto the PS3? Currently I just have it linked to my computer, and I've been dropping all my converted files in the same folder. All the regular converted files are showing up fine, just not the ones with subtitles.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

thank you!