The company that "produce, market and distribute" the Paris Hilton sex tapes, XPAYS, has just filed lawsuits against 843 individuals accused of illegally downloading the video via BitTorrent.

This is just the latest case to appear before courts all over the United States, as companies seek to use mass lawsuits to turn piracy into profits, hoping that most of the 843 will seek to end their involvement in the case sooner rather than later by paying the settlement fee, which is usually tens or even hundreds of times greater than the actual cost of purchasing the content.

These so called 'copyright trolls' are clogging up the US legal system with mass lawsuits. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is opposing the actions of these 'trolls' in the courts. "We’re asking the court to protect the rights of each and every defendant, instead of allowing these copyright trolls to game the system, " explained EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry.

XPAYS is not giving up though. They have said they will continue to monitor illegal downloads of "One Night In Paris" to find new potential targets for their lawsuit.