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Thread: Best Camera for film-making?

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    Default Best Camera for film-making?


    I am making my first (serious) steps on film making and since I want to start filming stuff with a more professional look (mostly for my master's degree), I want to buy a new camera.
    I was working with a very amateurish panasonic up until now with very few options, and i am thinking of bying something like Nikon d300s or Canon 7d (my budget is around 1500 euros).
    I have seen the Canon's image quality and it's very film-like, so that's a plus. Due to that fact however that these two cameras are mostly used for photography I can not find any reviews about their video qualities.

    Have you worked with any of these two? Do you have any other suggestions?Should I look at camcorders (like Canon Vixia) rather than cameras?

    Things to consider:

    Video and colour quality
    Performance in low-light environment
    Lenses prize (i know for example that Nikon lenses are cheaper than Canon)
    Image Stability
    Easy to use and learn

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you considered buying several less expensive cameras instead of buying one good one. Visit and look at their INSIGNIA brand models. link removed

    You can buy the same cameras when they have been refurbished for about half the money. link removed

    I know these cameras are not the highest quality, but they are 720p and 1080p depending on which ones you buy. I have had good success with this brand and I wrote and interesting review for the camcorder (I bought 2 that were returned for less than the price of one new one [$300us], and I also bought 2 Insignia Flip Cameras for less than $100 for both with battery and 8 gig SD cards).

    If you are into film making then you know the value of having 4 or more cameras. Since it is all digital you only make the initial investment and then just recharge batteries and reuse your flash cards.

    Bestbuy also sells suction cup camera mounts that you can put on a house window or car windshield; they sell for about $20us.

    For less than $1000 you can have more Full HD cameras than a professional shoot. Granted these aren't the best and the baddest out there, but with good footage then you can use the software to do the rest. GIYF

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