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Thread: Sony's Kevin Butler Re-tweets PS3 Security Key

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    Default Sony's Kevin Butler Re-tweets PS3 Security Key

    In a blunder of epic proportions (by Twitter standards anyway), Sony's fictional VP Kevin Butler (aka the guy in the PS3 commercials) managed to deal his own company a huge blow by re-tweeting a PS3 security code, when "he" mistakenly thought it was about the game, Battleship.

    Kevin Butler is a fictional character created by Sony to promote the PS3, and it appears a fictional Twitter account has been created as well as part of the promotion. Unfortunately, the PR department drone that operated the Twitter account failed to spot the PS3 USB dongle ID generator key when it was tweeted by Linux and Mac enthusiast Travis La Marr along with the fight words, "come at me @TheKevinButler". "Butler" then re-tweeted the message, adding in the quip "Lemme guess ... You sank my Battleship?", not realising that a Sony employee just (re) posted a security key that Sony has been feverishly trying to stop others from posting. Oops.

    The re-tweet has subsequently been removed, but not before many had take screenshots of it, and posted online for all to see.

    Photo credits: Engadget

    Sony recently stepped up its campaign against those leaking details of the PS3's security hole, discovered by hacking group fail0verflow (which has since been sued by Sony). It is also going after those using the security hole to create custom firmware, even if it is just to re-enable Linux on the PS3, a feature that Sony at first promoted when it first started selling PS3s, and then removed without little notice recently.


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