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Thread: Help...How Do Access the Alternate Audio Tracks on Jaws?

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    Default Help...How Do Access the Alternate Audio Tracks on Jaws?

    I just got the JAWS 30th Anniversary Edition which says it includes the original MONO theatrical track.

    Does anyone know how to activate this track? I've looked in BONUS FEATURES, etc, and nothing. Really frustrating, wanted to show this tonight and can't find it.


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    I don't have this DVD, but it seems only the region 1/US 30th anniversary edition has the mono track (the other regions miss out).

    Also, most receivers would probably pick this up as "Pro Logic", even if you selected the mono audio option (if it isn't in the standard audio select menu, perhaps try the audio select button on your DVD player remote?), so you might have to re-adjust your receiver settings to figure out how to actually play the mono soundtrack (via the center speaker, or 2 channel mono via the L/R speakers).

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