An early development build of the eagerly awaited PC game, Crysis 2, has been leaked online. The early build has the complete single player game as well as the multiplayer functions, and while obviously still missing some finishing touches, it is fully playable. Worse yet, the master DRM activation key has been leaked along with this apparent internal beta build, and so could seriously hurt the ability of the publisher to lock down the game after release as well.

Electronic Arts, the publisher of Crysis 2, was quick to attack pirates for this security breach. But it is clear that this build was leaked internally, perhaps by someone who works at EA or developer Crytek, and so it really isn't the work of pirates at all, but rather, a serious security SNAFU on the part of EA/Crytek.

Still, while pirates may not be involved with the original leak, they are now by with the game being downloaded in huge numbers, more than a month before the official March 22 release date.


Official EA statement: