After being sued by movie studios, isoHunt is now the target of the major record labels who are demanding the closure of the BitTorrent indexer and damages in excess of $4m.

The suing record companies, which includes the big four of Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal, are suing Gary Fung and his company, who owns isoHunt and a few other websites.

isoHunt has already been on the losing side of a recent court case, when the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) sued the website (and its owner) and successfully won an injunction, which forced isoHunt to filter out movie and piracy related search keywords for US based visitors. Gary Fung and isoHunt are currently in the process of appealing this decision.

Despite the attention paid to isoHunt by the music industry, a recent report commissioned by the movie industry show that, on average, less then 3% of downloads on BitTorrent networks were music related.