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Thread: Capturing VHS with my computer?

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    Default Capturing VHS with my computer?

    Hello all. I've got many old VHS that I'd like to "digitalize", but I think I dont have the required tools.

    I dont have a TV Card in my computer (whatever it's called), but I've got an ATI HD4870 which let's me connect my TV to it.

    I was wondering if somehow I could connect my VHS machine to the TV, the TV to my computer and then record the video with something like Camtasia studio.

    If not, perhaps there's a RCA to USB or a cable of some sort that will let me connect the VHS machine to my computer? I REALLY dont have a clue about all this so sorry for the ignorance What's the cheapest/easier way to do this? Thank you.

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    If you look you should find adapters that are inserted in the middle of composite connectors. I used to have a bookmark to a particular one but I gave up on the idea of buying a VCR just to salvage my home made tapes.

    Basically the scheme is you plug your VCR outputs to the input of the device and it has 2 sets of output. One goes to your TV and the other to composite inputs on your PC. There are probably ones that have USB for the PC side instead of composite.

    In any case I think you still have to play the tape in real time and capture rather than high speed dub.

    Likely there's another board member who actually does a lot of this type of stuff who can be more helpful.

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