It's easy enough to re-download apps you've purchased from the Apple iTunes apps store, and many apps will even allow you to download the same purchase to multiple devices, but for a long time, this hasn't been possible with music purchase. This may be about to change.

Bloomberg cite sources close to Apple that are suggesting Apple is in negotiation with the big music labels to allow re-download rights, and allow for songs purchased for one device to be used on other devices.

The lack of re-download ability may seem draconian in this age of universal media compatibility and cloud hosting, but it is one of the conditions the music industry has set to allow their music to be purchased from iTunes, since they charge Apple per download, not per purchase. Users who do not back-up their data could be forced to re-purchase the same purchases.

The change is likely part of Apple's new cloud strategy, which could also include a revamp of the MobileMe service, which could see the $119 per year fee waived, allowing users to access all their digital data, including music purchases, in the cloud for free.