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Thread: Adding an intro to Video from picture

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    Default Adding an intro to Video from picture

    I have a design which I created on a paper and I want to be able to down load it to a program and be able to make a video intro from the design. For instance, have the letters of the production company slide into the frame one at a time from different locations of the screen ( top , bottom etc ) or fade in... is there a program which I can get that will do a great job of this and look professional ? Thanks joe

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    Two ways you can do this, probably more, but these are the ones I'm familiar with.

    Quickest, cleanest way is to use an effects program such as After Effects (I'm an Adobe man) and it'll provide text animation tools to do do just about anything you want to do with the letters.

    Less quick, less clean, but a lot cheaper...if you don't have a program that animates text, you can do the same thing by creating each letter as a "title" or keyed graphic and use motion effects to bring it into the frame. For smaller text strings this might actually be easier and quicker than going to another program, but it gets pretty cumbersome when you're talking about anything over a half dozen letters. HTH.


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