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Thread: Domain Blocking, As An Anti-Piracy Measure, Defeated Before It's Even Used

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    Default Domain Blocking, As An Anti-Piracy Measure, Defeated Before It's Even Used

    Usenet download website Newzbin2 has found an ready made solution to counter the entertainment industry's efforts to shut down websites by blocking their domain name.

    Using a tool widely used today to protect freedom of speech around the world, Newzbin2 says they've already made it possible for users to access their website even if the MPAA manages to block their domain name.

    The tool in question is Tor, a tool frequently used by human rights campaigners around the world to protect their identities from the prying eyes of governments, and now this tool has made it possible for Newzbin2 to operate without having a domain name.

    It appears, once again, the entertainment industry's attempt to use technology to curb piracy has failed, this time before they even started, and has made websites like Newzbin2 even more resilient.


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    Ugh, the concept of domain blocking just sickens me. I realize it started as a "good" cause, but just think about it. Next thing you know, people are going to be abusing that power - and things like political activist sites will be blocked because their views differ from that of the elected officials. It's infringing upon our right to freedom of speech, in my honest opinion.
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