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Thread: Hactivists Anonymous Plans Sony Attack Action

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    Default Hactivists Anonymous Plans Sony Attack Action

    Infamous Internet hactivism group Anonymous has threatened to take action against Sony for the corporation's pursuit of hacker geohot, Graf_Chokolo and others.

    Anonymous made headlines recently by attacking the companies and organisations teaming up against Wikileaks, and before that, they were active in attacking pro-copyright groups such as the RIAA for their anti-piracy actions on the Internet (which to be fair, started with one anti-piracy agency using denial-of-service and hacking as a way to attack alleged copyright infringement websites).

    Now the group, original formed on the Internet message board 4chan, has pointed to Sony as their next target in a press release. They claim that Sony has "abused the judicial system to censor information on how [Sony’s] products work."

    Anonymous also attacked Sony for not allowing the free flow of information by trying to cover up the PS3's vulnerabilities with lawsuits, information on which has already been released all over the Internet and shared by many. "The very same information you wish to suppress for the sake of corporate greed and complete control of the users," the press release added.

    The hacktivist group has promised Sony that they will "experience the full wrath of Anonymous."


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    The Register thinks the attacks have already started, with the UK PlayStation website and PSN store being down temporarily due to Anonymous' actions:

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