The Mindlab International team at the Sussex Innovation Centre has conducted a study where they found that viewers have an enhanced emotional experience when viewing movies on the 3D Blu-ray, compared to Blu-ray and DVD.

The study also found that watching standard Blu-ray to also be more stimulating than watching DVDs.

Using skin conductance tests, EEGs, the researchers found viewers were 7% more engaged when viewing 3D Blu-ray over standard Blu-ray (which was 12% more than viewers watching the DVD version).

Critics have suggested that the study, which was funded by the European Blu-ray Disc Association, which may cloud the study's objectivity. The BDA, as expected, was quick to promote the results. "This study shows that Blu-ray isn't just a huge step up technically, it also delivers a better and more engaging viewing experience in the home. When you watch a Blu-ray Disc, you feel every moment with more emotion, drama and excitement. When you add 3D to the mix, it only enhances the experience further," stated Graham Heaton, European BDA promotions committee chairman.