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Thread: My DVD Recorder

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    Default My DVD Recorder

    Something strang eis happening with my DVD recorder. It has a hard drive and I don't know if this is causing it or what. When I want to format a new RW disc it fails to on the auto format. When I do it manually it works by the looks of it. When I want to dub titles from the hard drive to a DVD RW sometimes it lets me in the title menu where I can choose a title and when it does and when I select a title, the Next option is greyed out where it won't let me continue. Other times I don't get that far, it shows me a different screen where it asks me to verify if I want to use the VR Mode or the Video Mode. When I select the Video mode it tells me to put a DVD R in. This never used to happen. The blank discs are not faulty because they are brand new and I had this problem with another spindle of blank RW discs under another brand name. When I put a DVD R disc in things work fine. Why doesn't my DVD recorder like DVD RW discs anymore? Sometimes when this failure happens it lags the machine where I have to wait about five minutes to respond. It still lags even when I eject a DVD RW disc and a message about putting a DVD R disc in is still there when the tray is open. Can anyone help?

    Many thanks.

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    Sounds like it may be a hardware fault, unfortunately. The one thing I would try first though is to reset the settings of the recorder to the factory/default settings.

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