Righthaven, the company infamous for suing bloggers and non profits for even partial copies of newspaper articles, has had its own domain name seized by their domain name registrar GoDaddy.

Righthaven, commonly referred to as a "copyright troll", has themselves in the past asked for domain seizures for sometimes a small matter as the unauthorized reproduction of a single image, like the time they tried to seize the domain of well known political blogger Matt Drudge.

It is then ironic that their own domain name, righthaven.com, has been seized as a result of an invalid WHOIS entry.

Domain names must have valid WHOIS entries, as per domain registration guidelines, and it appears someone reported the righthaven.com domain name as having an incorrect WHOIS entry, and GoDaddy, somewhat harshly, decided to seize the domain name without notice, other than the one now posted on the website.

It's likely that after Righthaven fixes their WHOIS entry, the domain name will be returned, but it's a lesson for the law firm, that making enemies online can be dangerous if you don't have your house in order.