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Thread: Esperanto Subtitles (ĉ Ĉ ŝ Ŝ ĥ Ĥ ŭ Ŭ)

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    Default Esperanto Subtitles (ĉ Ĉ ŝ Ŝ ĥ Ĥ ŭ Ŭ)


    I've been trying to use DivXLand Media Subtitler, but it won't accept Esperanto special letters.

    I already have the video dialogues saved in unicode txt, but the program doesn't recognize these characters: ĉ Ĉ ĥ Ĥ ĝ Ĝ ĵ Ĵ ŝ Ŝ ŭ Ŭ.

    I've been trying to subtitle an Esperanto course, Pasporta al la Tuta Mondo to use in classroom and make it available on youtube. Media Subtitler is the best program I found because the process of timing the subtitles is fast, and the course is composed of 15 episodes of 30 min each.

    Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!

    From Brazil
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    Default Case solved!

    Hey, guys! I finally discovered how to subtitle with Esperanto characters. In case someone else needs, I'll give instructions here:

    There are special programs to easily type Esperanto letters in unicode, but they won't work for Media Subtitler. This is the solution I found:

    - I downloaded Esperanto fonts to the folder Windows > Fonts. (Google: tahoma esperanto, for instance)
    - I opened the txt archive with the Esperanto dialogues and raplaced all the unicode letters for the ones of Tahoma Esperanto I downloaded by using the code below:

    Alt+145 = ĉ
    Alt+146 = Ĉ

    Alt+155 = ĝ
    Alt+157 = Ĝ

    Alt+244 = ĥ
    Alt+221 = Ĥ

    Alt+172 = ĵ
    Alt+170 = Ĵ

    Alt+231 = ŝ
    Alt+232 = Ŝ

    Alt+236 = ŭ
    Alt+237 = Ŭ

    Obviously I did this with just some clicks in edit > replace with.

    - I opened the txt archive in Media Subtitler and in "settings" changed all the fonts to Tahoma Eo.

    Thatĺs it.

    You can check the result here:

    Esperanto Course - La Pasporto al la Tuta Mondo

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