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Thread: DVD Shrink Disc Problem

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    Default DVD Shrink Disc Problem


    I use DVD Shrink with AnyDVD. When I load a disc it shows up in DVD Shrink and processes fine, when it prompts for a blank disc to write to, and I insert one, I get an error message that my drive isn't available.

    Any idea what could be wrong?



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    Sorry, we cannot discuss DVD Shrink anymore on this forum. Read this announcement and refer to the rules for more information.

    Also, DVD Shrink is an extremely old, outdated software. It's unlikely to work with the latest version of Nero (which it requires for burning), or in Vista/Windows 7, or on any new DVDs.

    If your DVD disc is already decrypted, there are many other alternative, some commercial like Nero Recode, DVD2One or you could try the freeware version of DVD Rebuilder.

    Thread closed.

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