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Thread: Can't play recovered MOV files

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    Default Can't play recovered MOV files

    Hi People,

    I recorded a few short movies using my canon 60d camera and by accident I deleted them. I was able to recover the files using a few different programs but when I try to play the files in Quicktime I hear some static and there is no image. The files all appear to be the right size so the data is there but it just won't play. Tried converting the MOV files to other formats and still no luck.

    I also noticed that in addition to the MOV files there are are DAT files of the same size so I wonder if they are part of the problem or solution.

    Any help would be appreciated as these are very important files/movies.

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    I'm having this exact same problem. I accidentally deleted a dozen .MOV files from my 60D SD card (tossed them into the trash and emptied the trash on my Mac) then I wrote about 6 small files with one directory back to the SD card by mistake. I thought I had already saved the .MOV files.

    I ran the card through PhotoRescue and was able to extract the .MOV files. The file info shows that it was 1080p/24fps H.264 files so it knows what's in there. But if I try to playback the files I hear about 2-3 seconds of good audio then mostly harsh static noise after that with very good audio sprinkled in different places. No video image is seen during playback.

    The only way to view anything with the files is to go to Log & Transfer in Final Cut Pro. The files all have their thumbnail images on their respective lines so I kow there's image data in there. All the thumbnails are correct but I can't extract image or good audio. Tried VLC Player, tried extracting the files about six different ways all with the same results.

    Again, the thumbnails indicate that image data is intact but just can't be shown. I'm thinking maybe there's some camera data in the file that's corrupted as far as bitrate for video and audio that has been lost?
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    Default Found a service but expensive

    There is a service that can recover the video but it's expensive. If the video is priceless then this may be an only option. If you just want some still images from the video you may be able to recover some using their free app.

    Do a Google search for: aero quarter movie repair guide

    Download Treasured and see snippets of your lost movie. If all you need are some frame grabs this may do. I'm not going to pay for hundreds of dollars to recover my lost footage. Seems like their app should be able to do it but they only do repairs manually.

    Don't know if there's any other solution. FCS Maintenance Pack only works with files that have already been logged and transferred from the Canon HDSLRs. No support for H.264

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