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Thread: Playing ISO images

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    Default Playing ISO images

    I have some movies on my computer that are ISO images. Any ideas as to what a good free player for them is? Neither Windows Media nor RealPlayer work, so I thought I'd ask vs keep randomly trying. Thanks!

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    Go too file/advance open file/add your ISO and play

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    If you load as a virtual drive first with


    works nicely. If you like foreign films SPlayer automatically seraches for text subtitles. Also I've noticed it will sometimes use hardware acceleration where other player won't. As example if there's only 128 MB dedicated ram on your video card.

    For a long time VLC was my preferred player but since 1.0 it seems crash prone on my machines. If VLC is solid on your setup then it definitely has greater variety of subtitle display support. Will do PGS and divx XSubs.

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