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Thread: Convert .VVF to any popular video format

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    Default Convert .VVF to any popular video format

    How can I convert .vvf video format to a useable video format for PC?
    All of the free downloads are garbage! None do .vvf they are all scams.
    I have a Visortech DVR 4004 securite system that uses .vvf video format for USB back up, that is totally useless on any mac or PC.

    So now that's off my chest, got any ideas?
    Oh yeah, I have asked the dealer. the MFG and anyone else that will listen. NO LUCK. There are a few players out there, but nothing that will convert the .vvf files so I can make a CD/DVD.
    So don't even think about buying Visortech cctv products or the many other brands made the same chinees company.
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