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Thread: Help with firmware update for LiteON iHBS112 2

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    Default Help with firmware update for LiteON iHBS112 2


    I am in urgent need of some help with firmware upgrade for my LiteON iHBS112 2 Blu-ray writer... i figured this may be the best place to ask...
    So, I downloaded the latest CL0K firmware and flashed it. But in order to troubleshoot issues writing at speeds above 4x with my Optical Quantum 4x disk, I wanted to revert back to CL0B (firmware the drive came with) or CL0G (firmware I see people use for burning at 8x on those media). Problem is, I can no longer flash any other firmware but CL0K, and I get an error that not suitable drive is detected.

    So, I was wondering if there is anyone here who has LiteON iHBS112 2 drive and can perhaps help me extract CL0B or CL0G .bin firmware file using Flash Utility 6.0.1 from codeguys website? Just select READ FLASH, save BIN file and share it with me, please?

    All firmware files provided on this website are scrambled EXE files, which Flash Firmware 6.0.1 cannot flash, unfortunately.

    Thank you very much for help!

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    Default iHBS112 Firmware

    Flash Utility 6.01 can NOT read the iHBS112 drive at all. I can save NO firmware using it nor can one write to the iHBS112 drive using it. It works great for my DVD burners but I think it will fail with ALL Blu-ray burners.

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