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    Default City Building Games

    Are there any city-building-games where we can build a city and towns without the worry of the funds dropping where the game is over? I'm playing Millionaire City on Facebook and you can collect money that you earn and spend it providng you've got enough for this and that and you've unlocked stuff. Are there any 3-D games like this where you can build cities, towns and neighbourhoods like Sim City with the same type of graphics without the worry of the funds runing out and going bankrupts where the game ends? With Millionaire City, if you run out of money, it's a matter of waiting until the business incomes are ready and the tenants' house rents are ready for collecting. With games like Sim City there's so much to take on board and the funds always run out and that happened with the Rollercoaster Tycoon games. Before you know it the games end where we get bankrupt and we can't make anymore money.


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    Sim City with free money cheats? It's actually what I used to do, and it's still hard to keep the budget balanced, but it's much easier to start with.

    Also, while it's strictly not a city building game in the vein of Sim City, I've had a lot of fun with Tropico, and the economy is a lot easier to manage in the game.

    The only other recent city building game I've heard of is Cities XL 2011, but I've never played it.

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