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Thread: Problem using XviD in FireFox: No Plugin Detected

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    Question-2 Problem using XviD in FireFox: No Plugin Detected

    I did a search for doctor who & it found, [link 1 removed]. I clicked on a show and brought up a screen with a couple of "Play Now" buttons.

    I clicked on all buttons at one time or another & they do different things but I found the one that I think is trying to play the show I was interested in.

    It brought up another screen from [link 2 removed] which starts with a way to download & install the XviD Codec, top right of the screen says, "No plugin detected".

    I went through the download & install procedure and it still says, "No plugin detected". I even went to & downloaded version 1.3.2 & installed it, but I still get "No plugin detected" .

    New programs shows XviD installed as does add remove programs which shows the codec as 24.97 MB.

    What do I do now? Some setting someplace not set or something?

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    I visited the two sites you've mentioned and the second link appears to be distributing malware, tricking you into download the xvidsetup.exe file, which is actually not the official Xvid installer and is some kind of adware that Norton detected and deleted.

    The first link does have links to videos on Megavideo and such, and they work for me (you only need the Adobe Flash plugin to play these videos), but only the links on the bottom of the page, not the big misleading advert at the top which says "play now"

    I've removed your links because they may be dangerous.

    You need to download the free version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to scan your system and remove the malware. It's also very much recommended that you have a security suite installed on your system to prevent malware like this from being downloaded/installed. If you need recommendations for free/commercial security tools, let me know.
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