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Thread: Trying to view Japanese DVD's

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    Default Trying to view Japanese DVD's

    I had a friend in Japan burn some DVD's from a Japanese TV program. On the DVD it says that it is DVD-R and CPRM. Is it because it is in Japanese Digital TV that my DVD player nor my DVD burner on my computer will not recognize the DVD? Can anyone shed light on the situation for me please.

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    How did you friend burn the DVDs? Straight from his DVD recorder?

    CPRM copy protection is used widely in Japan, so recording something from a TV broadcast to a DVD recorder may include the protection, and make it unplayable on players that does not support CPRM. Most likely, the disc was recorded using VR format. I think PowerDVD should support playback of DVD-VR with CRPM protection, but I'm only certain that version 10 and newer supports this.

    Also, some drives can't read CPRM media, or can only do so with a firmware update.
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