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Thread: Samsung B083l not playing any blu rays

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    Default Samsung B083l not playing any blu rays

    Hi all,

    I have had this drive for around year and half - been good and had no issues with anything.
    I recently got harry potter blu rays and got "this disc is unrecognized format"
    first time ever.
    So i decided to upgrade firm to sb01 latest version, since then it does not
    play any blu rays at all. Even ones i now worked before.
    I tried to go back to sb00 firmware and still the same.
    I have installed bl01 twice as recommended when installing and
    still the same outcome.
    I have updated by video card drivers as well.
    All dvds/games/cds work fine still.
    I was using cyberlink powerdvd 8 and then upgraded to 10 and both were the same

    I have lotr extended edition sitting on my desk waiting to be
    played and its annoying me!

    Thanks for any help
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