I just bought a new HP DS-8A1H slim CD/DVD RW drive with Lightscribe (note the lightscribe control tool from LightScribe doesn't say it is not one).

I've extracted a 2Meg firmware version WH66 copy from the drive using the flash utility v6.0.1 and a 8K dump of the EEPROM using the utility EEPROM v6.2.

Some people sometimes accidentally damage their DS-8A1H by writing the wrong firmware version to this model drive. As far as I know there is no firmware update for this drive model. Thus, is it possible to bundle together into a flashable archive and post it on your website for those that may need to re-flash back to the factory firmware version? I'm not aware of a tool to reflash the EEPROM though unless its the same tool.

I also have a TS_462D CDRW/DVDROM drive with firmware HS00 from HP, but the above tools can't extract anything from the drive. Are their tools to do this that would work on this drive?