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Thread: iHAS324-98 B AL1A does not update to AL1B

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    Default iHAS324-98 B AL1A does not update to AL1B

    Hi everyone,

    first of all, my knwoledge on computer sciences is rather limited, so I apologize in advance for any navie question. I have tried to find the solution of my problem in the forum, but with no success so far. If this has been already answered, I would be very happy to be pointed towards the corresponding link.

    So here is my problem:

    I recently bought (from a LiteOn iHAS324-98 B, Manufactured Date August 2011. Since I only have a laptop (a Dell Studio 1555, Windows 7), I also bought an External Case 5.25'' (at Fry's) Sabrent, with USB 2.0 to SATA interface.

    I plugged the LiteOn in the case with SATA cable, and then I connected the case to my laptop with the USB. That worked, because my laptop recognized the device:

    Drive 3: ATAPI iHAS324 B AL1A ( E: )

    I wanted to update the FW from AL1A to AL1B. I downloaded the AL1B.exe file from this web page (Lite-On iHAS324 B AL1B Firmware Download - Firmware HQ). After executing AL1B.exe, the Programming part reaches 100%, but when the Inquiring appears, I get this error:

    Unable to flash firmware. Please contact with your vendor !

    2-0-0-0 ATAPI iHAS324 B AL1A

    The same happens using the LiteOn Smart Pack utility.
    And I have tried to run AL1B.exe as administrator, but no success.

    And that is my problem. Why I can't update my LiteOn?

    Thank you very much and sorry for such a long post, but I tried to provide as many details as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am having the exact same problem. Did you figure it out?

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