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Thread: TSSTcorp DVDWBD SH-B123A SB00

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    I am trying to upgrade my firmware to SB04.

    When I click on the .exe file it throws a warning screen over the update screen.

    The warning screen cannot be removed to allow the upgrade of the firmware to proceed, except with the Task Manager, which removes the upgrade screen as well.. The Windows Close function or mouse will not clear the warning screen, which prevents the upgrade from completing.. I can't read all the warning screen because it runs off the edge of the warning screen & has no way of expanding the warning screen to read what it;s trying to tell me???

    I've tried the Esc, & both left right mouse buttons, but the warning screen stubbornly refuses to clear!!
    I am running with Windows 7 Professional 64bit on an AMD 6000+ Athleron dual processor & 8GB of RAM..

    Can anyone assist me to upgrade my SB00 firmware to the latest revision.
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