Analytics firm InfoScout has released new data that indicates the Xbox One was the next-gen console of choice for shoppers on Black Friday at two of the U.S's biggest retail chains, Walmart and Target.

31% of all console sales belonged to Microsoft's flagship console, the Xbox One, despite the console being $100 more expensive than Sony's rival, and more powerful, PS4. In fact, the PS4 only accounted for 15% of sales, less than half of the Xbox One and less than half of Microsoft's last-gen console, the Xbox 360.

Stock constraints for the PS4 may have been a primary cause of the lower sales. Sony's PS3 also managed to grab 15% of the console share, lower than Microsoft's Xbox 360, which had been heavily discounted to below $100 at Walmart.

Nintendo's fortunes were clearly down for this Black Friday. Previously a darling of the holiday sales period, the data from InfoScout indicates the original Wii console only accounted for 1% of sales. The Wii U didn't fare much better, getting only 6% of the sales pie.

Over in the UK, the Wii U may have a better time of it according to retailer, who predicts that the Wii U will come out on top, for children. Their prediction comes from analyzing Twitter trends, and the Wii U was the most talked about gift idea, more so than the PS4 and Xbox One. The retailer also reported a Wii U sales spike of 75% in October, thanks largely to eagerly awaited releases like Super Mario 3D World.