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Thread: How to 're-sync' and out-of-sync video?

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    Smile-2 How to 're-sync' and out-of-sync video?

    I have a DTSMA.7.1 .mkv video that plays the audio 'jerky'. I stripped out the audio, and 'mkvmerged' in a DVD audio, but it's out-of-sync. Does anyone know how to 're-sync' the audio to the video, so it's in sync?
    I have 'Handbrake', 'MKVMerge', and 'River Past Video Cleaner', but I don't see where any of those has a 're-syncing' option.

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    If the audio is out of sync by a constant amount of time, you can play it in vlc and hit keys to change the audio delay while it is playing. Once you find out the proper delay you can put that setting in the muxer.

    If the out of sync time keeps changing, like getting longer as the movie plays on, then there's likely some problem with frame rates. In that case I don't know an easy fix. I've been away from messing with video for a year and half or so. But constant time period fix is pretty easy. I would search something like "using vlc to fix audio out of sync" and you should get a few hits.

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    I had such problem at first with dvd flick, what I did is: open dvd flick, add title, dble click title, click audio tracks, click edit, checked : ignore audio delay for this track, accept. I also encode in fast mode, and burn at low speed: 4x. Since then, I have good audio and no out of sync. Hope this help.

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