The Nintendo NX may be 3-4 times as powerful as the Wii U, and may launch at a familiar price of $299.99.

In two separate posted rumors, one on Reddit and one on YouTube, more details about Nintendo's next console, set to be released in Spring 2017, have emerged.

On the hardware front, the NX may employ a new Nvidia Tegra chip to power its graphics subsystem, and would roughly have the same processing power as the current Xbox One (or about 3 to 4 times more powerful than the Wii U).

The same source also says that the NX will run modern game engines such as the Unreal Engine 4, and that would make porting games to the NX a cinch compared to current efforts.

In a rumor posted on Reddit that appears to have been verified, based on a source that works for a large retailer, more details about the NX's retail packaging were revealed.

This includes the launch price of $299.99, as well as a bundle version (contents of the bundle currently unknown) that costs $100 more. On promotional posters for the new console, the phrase "Interact with your game on the go" is present, which seems to confirm previous rumors that the console would be a hybrid console that sits somewhere between a home based console and a portable one.

Other promotional material reveal that one of the launch titles would be a Mario title, with at least 3 other Nintendo titles available on launch. Demo units will be made available to retailers in February next year.

The same source indicates that games could run at 1080p at 60fps (900p for the "hybrid part of the device"), but may also support 4K streaming of video content, such as Netflix.

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