I take lots of footage of hobbies. Pictures I understand. JPG and RAW files get stored where I want, and I have data that most every image program on the planet can work with.

Video is a totally different ball game. I use Mobius, 808, and Go Pro cameras. I open up the camera output in Quicktime on OSX and export a segment to share and that works well enough. But when it comes to archiving I want to have a better handle on my data.

I know that some of my cameras save AVI files and some save MOV files. I know that there are container formats as well as differing codecs, but that is about all I know. Oh and when I exit Quicktime it wants to save the file even if I did not edit it, which tells me it is working with a different format than what it initially imported. What a pain.

What are standards that I can rely on, both for container and codec? What software is recommendable?