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Thread: TitleWriter No Longer Works in Win 10

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    Default TitleWriter No Longer Works in Win 10

    I've been using Titlewriter for years to create simple menus, especially for episodic programs. Simple image, title underneath, takes directly to target - the show. Problem is, I just got a new computer running Win 10. All my dvd copying applications work but Titlewriter no longer does. Is there any program where I can do essentially the same thing without having to reauthor the whole dvd?

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    Titlewriter no longer works with Win 10. Does anyone know of a replacement that does simple menus? Thanks for any info.


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    I use DVD-Lab pro. Normally, it requires to do the full authoring, including the main movie, but there is a simple trick to create just the menu. I create a slide show (with enough slides to have the right number of chapters if I need also a chapter menu), as the main "movie". Then I add the menu. Finally, I generate the DVD. It's fast, as the movie is very short. Finally, I use PgcEdit to replace the slide show with the real movie, from the original DVD.

    Unfortunately, DVD-Lab is not free, but it is very powerful, and you can make very nice looking menus. I don't think there is a free alternative to Titlewriter.
    PgcEdit homepage (hosted by VideoHelp)
    Unofficial mirror (in Poland)

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