It's not been a great season for HBO's hit series, 'Game of Thrones'. But it's not because the show isn't as good as before, or that it's less popular with viewers. And despite Winter having come, and bodies of water frozen over, it's the leaks that are causing the most problem in Westeros.

Not just in Westeros, but also in New York, at the headquarters of HBO, where the news of yet another leak of an unaired episode of GoT has executives extremely frustrated.

Following the leak of episode 4, as well as the outlines for episode 4 and 5, episode 6 has now been leaked. This time though, it's not hackers or a production company that's responsible for the leak, but rather, HBO themselves.

Or rather, it's was the fault of HBO Nordic and HBO Espa˝a, and possible a third party company that helps these two networks manage their online platform. The episode was published online well ahead of the expected release date, which is the upcoming Sunday.

The name HBO Nordic may be familiar, because this isn't even the first time they've leaked an episode inadvertently. In May last year, they leaked episode 5 of season 6, an episode with a revealing ending that provided an answer to a long held question.

[via Variety]