A notorious game crackers has joined forces with a game developer to help promote a struggling game.

The game cracker, Voksi, has been in the news recently as having offered a YouTube tutorial on how to crack Denuvo. What is less well known is that he is also personally a fan of the 'Serious Sam' series.

So when news that a new game in the series was coming out from developers 'Crackershell', Voksi joined the game's beta program, and made a full disclosure to the game's developers as to what his day job was, which the developers didn't mind.

Without making any promises to them, Voksi decided on his own volition to not target the new game, 'Serious Sam's Bogus Detour', for cracking.

But this did not help the game in terms of sales, with the game receiving great reviews on Steam, but very few sales. So few, that the game was far from being profitable.

Voksi then decided to be more proactive in helping improve the game's fortunes. He proposed a new plan, to release an "official pirated version" of the game that is fully playable and contains most of the game's main content, but would include a message urging people who like the game to buy it. Voksi also spent his own money to provide giveaways associated with the game to help encourage sales.

You can purchase Serious Sam's Bogus Detour from Steam here.

[via Techdirt]