Video optimisation and analytics firm Conviva has released new data that shows streaming viewing hours in the second quarter of 2019 (ending June 30) grew 130% from a year ago.

Measuring viewing figures for over-the-top video distribution, that is the distribution of video content over the Internet that bypasses cable, broadcast and satellite television platforms, Conviva found tremendous growth for streaming.

It was helped by the number of Internet-connected TVs, which grew by 143%. This was largely driven by the growth of Roku devices (173%), which now accounts for 43% of connected TV viewing.

In a separate announcement, Roku now has more than 30 million subscribers with total revenue up 59%.

"The industry-wide shift to streaming is accelerating," Roku founder/CEO Anthony Wood and CFO Steve Louden wrote in the shareholder letter.

The adoption of Amazon Fire TV devices also grew significantly, up 145% to become 18% of all connected TV viewing. Apple TV now accounts for 10% of all connected TV viewing, also up from last year.

Conviva also found that ad-supported content was gaining in popularity, but it remained a "silent engagement killer". Viewership drops significantly when the ad was 20 seconds or more, despite the average ad length now being 24.87 seconds.

"The TV industry of yesterday was built on inflexible standards, antiquated measurement, and limited data. Streaming offers the vast potential of a rapidly maturing market, flexibility, targeting, and data to understand the audience like never before," the report stated.

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