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Thread: Firmware for Pioneer BDR-TD03VA Laptop Drive

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    Default Firmware for Pioneer BDR-TD03VA Laptop Drive

    I got this BD-RE drive from an older Sony Vaio laptop and hooked it up to my PC via an USB->SATA adapter. I bought some RiDATA 4x BD-R discs and tried to backup some stuff from my laptop using ImgBurn on Windows 7 x64 however it says "Device Not Ready (Incompatible Medium Installed)" and the drive will not recognize the media. I am pretty sure the drive is fine since it was never used for reading or writing BD media and the DVD/CD writing and reading works fine however it's a very old drive (label says december 2010) and i have seen laptop DVD drives fail for no reason before. I tried searching for newer firmware for it, perhaps the newer RiDATA media would become compatible after an update but i had no luck locating such firmware.
    Can anyone help? Does anybody have any newer firmware for this burner? I do have laptops with SATA ports if the firmware update cannot be done via the USB->SATA adapter.
    Current FW is 1.00, HW 1.00
    Here is a picture of the drive label:
    And it's capabilities as shown by ImgBurn:
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