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Thread: Can't install old version of Freemake Video Converter

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    Default Can't install old version of Freemake Video Converter

    Several years ago I tried to download an old version of the Freemake Video Converter, from an old version site online. The install failed at the very last moment and I ended up with the very latest version of the software instead.

    Someone said it sounds like I have a "Freemake Homing Bug" of some kind lodged in my windows 7 pc, which is causing the update to the latest version(?)

    I have an old version of the software preserved on a data disc, (dvd) ; it is a version I know I can trust but I am afraid to try and load it, in case it banishes the current version and updates me to the very latest version, which costs and which I definitely Dont Want!

    Can anyone shed more light on what exactly this "Homing Bug" could be and how should I go about removing it from my pc,? Please give step by step details since I am not technically savvy.

    Note: It is not possible to install Freemake softwares with the internet disconnected - a message pops up insisting that the internet must be turned on!

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    I think old version of Freemake had been corrupted so that is why you faced that situation but if you like want any software for video converter than Wise Video Converter is the best so far. It has user friendly interface and along with watermark on your own videos.

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