Samsung has used its pre-CES "First Look" event to show off its super huge Micro LED screens and to preview its 2020 TV line-up, including four new 8K TV models.

Samsung's modular Micro LED design allows screens of various sizes and shapes to be built from smaller panels, including very very large screens that are difficult or impossible with other technologies.

This is why Samsung took the first shot in this year's CES "size wars" by unveiling a 292-inch 8K Micro LED Wall TV, plus 75, 93 and 110-inch versions.

While Samsung's Micro LED TVs have not been made available for purchase, the company believes 2020 is the year this will happen that the technology becomes "consumerized". A high cost is likely to be attached to Samsung TVs using the technology though.

More affordable will be Samsung's four new 8K TV models, four of which were shown at Samsung's event, including the 85-inch 85Q950T, the 75-inch 75Q950, the 85-inch 85Q900T, and the 75-inch 75Q800T.

The 85Q950T features Samsung's new "bezel-free" design, while the more affordable Q800T will still feature Samsung's Quantum 8K processor and its OTS+ 2.2.2 sound system.