The new viewing mode that aims to provide a simple way to watch movies the way the filmmakers originally intended has gained several powerful new supporters.

Filmmaker Mode, launched by the UHD Alliance in August of last year, now has the support consumer electronic giants Samsung and Philips, as well as two key Hollywood guilds, the American Society of Cinematographers and the International Cinematographers Guild. At the original launch, Filmmaker Mode already had the support of LG Electronics, Panasonic and VIZIO, as well as the Film Foundation and Directors Guild of America.

Modern TVs employ a range of post-processing functions, such as motion smoothing and color adjustments. These can help improve the viewing experience for a range of content, but for films, it can create an artificial look and feel that's not particularly cinematic. Filmmaker Mode will allow users to easily turn of these extraneous processing features so they can watch the film in a way that matches the cinematic experience.

At CES 2020, LG announced that all new 4K and 8K TV models from the company will support the enhanced viewing mode, while Panasonic has also announced that all of their 2020 OLED HD 2000 series TVs will come with the mode out of the box.

[via Media Play News]