Hey Guys -

I'm about to start up a project again to convert all my old 80's VHS home movies to digital. When starting it before, I couldn't decide on which software to use, so thought I'd post asking a couple of questions if anyone can advise. Below is a list of hardware I own followed by my questions.

Hardware Owned
- ExtremeCap U3 Capture Device (USB3) - Fairly outdated
- Samsung DVD-VR320 VCR / DVD-RW Combo (Use component out -> capture device)
- Windows 10 PC with sufficient horsepower
- Standard VHS tapes filmed on 80's shoulder mounted camcorder

Note: I realize that it won't be a professional capture unless I invest lots of $ in equipment, but just adopted 2nd child so have no extra funds currently therefore trying to do best I can with what I've got if possible...

1. What software would be best to capture the videos? Given my equipment would VirtualDub still be best?
(The software included with capture device only captures in compressed mp4 format and was told if applying filters to capture in uncompressed if possible. OEM offers plugins for Premiere & Vegas, but they were last updated in 2014/2013 and couldn't get working with newer versions of those apps)

2. I had issues with VirtualDub + my capture device last time where despite settings in VD being correct, it captured everything at 50fps although source was ~30fps. Should I instead invest in a different capture card? If so, what's good budget one?

3. Last time, I played around with a couple of post-processing filters which cleaned up a lot of fragments. What's a good overall one that can be used for free or budget?

4. Given all of the above, is there a good general guide for getting all software and such set up?

Thanks again!