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  1. DVD Backup May Become Legal
  2. No "Throttling" for Blockbusters Customers
  3. Netflix discriminates against frequent renters
  4. The Toolbar You'll Keep
  5. Steelers Win Fifth Super Bowl Title in Super Bowl XL
  6. Sidebar on display in Vista OS
  7. New dual firewall for the Vista OS
  8. Warner Bros. to start German file-sharing service
  9. Blu-ray, HD DVD players: clunky, unimpressive
  10. Stopping Pirates in Movie Theaters
  11. HDTV Preview: 1080p, Blu-ray, Media PCs, and HD Wireless
  12. PlayStation 3, To Be or Not To Be?.....That is the question!
  13. TDK has begun producing samples of Blu-Ray disc's
  14. The Return of the C:\ Prompt?
  15. Copyright protection: How far will Sony go?
  16. Voice control your XM radio
  17. Chip industry sets a plan for life after silicon
  18. Pioneer Prepares to Launch Blu-ray Disc Drive
  19. 10 HDTV Myths
  20. Dual-core processors
  21. Netflix Wins!
  22. Cable TV on the Move
  23. A Firefox for music?
  24. New Keyboad Layout Introduced
  25. Santa Delivers More Christmas Malware
  26. France Lawmakers Endorse File-Sharing
  27. New spyware claim against Sony BMG
  28. The Pentium Name Goes Into Partial Retirement
  29. Digital TV standard for early 2009
  30. Dell Recalls 35,000 Laptop Batteries
  31. NEC plans on "Dual Core" mobile processor
  32. Bye Bye XP, Hello Windows Vista
  33. Oracle changes prices to reflect multicore chips
  34. Theaters on path to digital films
  35. ReplayTV to launch TV recording software for PCs
  36. MAC: Convert your video files to iPod-compatible MP4 files.
  37. Nero introduces NeroLINUX, optical recording solution for LINUX users
  38. HP backs both rivals in DVD horse race
  39. Hackers find first Xbox 360 cracks
  40. Court is showing their wrath on "song swapping"
  41. Sony's DVD Burner Saves Videos, Photos With or Without a PC
  42. Scratch Resistant Discs
  43. AMD's Processor Plans for 2006
  44. Do babies need hi-tech electronics
  45. Gamer Enthusiast + Vibrating Chair = Great Time!
  46. Affordable HD camcorders are right around the corner
  47. Does the keyboard cause "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome"?
  48. Bringing prime time to video iPod
  49. DuPont Fined More Than $10M
  50. Toshiba to Delay HD DVD Player Launch
  51. Comedian Richard Pryor dies at 65
  52. Paramount Pictures buys DreamWorks SKG