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  1. CES: Samsung Talks Up Apple Partnership, Bezel Free Micro LED Technology
  2. CES: LG Debuts Roll Up "Out of Nowhere" TV
  3. CES: Roku Launching 8K TVs in 2019 with TCL, Streaming Hours Up 68%
  4. Lionsgate: People Still buy DVDs at Walmart
  5. Netflix 2018 Review: Top Re-Watched Original Films, Most Binge-Worthy Shows Revealed
  6. Another Denuvo Protected 'AAA' Game Cracked Day After Release
  7. Black Friday: UHD Discounts Help Lift Blu-ray Revenue
  8. 4K UHD Mainstream Adoption Reaching Critical Mass, New Report
  9. Scammers May Be Abusing Google 'DRM' Takedowns To Promote Malicious Sites
  10. MPAA: Making Domain Registrant Info Public Better for Privacy
  11. YouTube Counts the Billions Paid to Rightsholders via Content ID, Ad Revenue
  12. Netflix May Up U.S. Pricing, Ready for Disney Plus Battle
  13. AAA Games Not Using Anti-Piracy System Incurring Huge Losses, Claims Denuvo
  14. Disney Outlines Future Streaming Plans for Hulu, Disney Plus
  15. New Hope for Abandoned Online Games: Copyright Office Adds Exemption
  16. GTA Developer Goes After Cheat Makers
  17. Netflix Q3 Results Tops Expectation, Stock Prices Surge
  18. Netflix Use Now 15% of Global Downstream Traffic
  19. CBS Says 'All Stop' to Fan Made USS Enterprise Virtual Tour
  20. Compromise Reached: Copyright Bill Shortens Copyright Protection for Older Songs
  21. Games Protected by Latest Version of Denuvo Cracked yet Again
  22. Niche Content, Simplified Billing, Key to SVOD Growth
  23. Pirate Bay, Demonoid, Suffer From Technical Difficulties
  24. OTT Video To Dominate Western Europe by 2023, New Research
  25. GOG Launches 'FCK DRM' to Promote DRM-Free Movement
  26. TorrentFreak: News Website Blocked as Piracy, Hacking Resource
  27. MPAA Boss: Piracy Is Symptom of a 'Toxic' Internet
  28. Disney Warns Against 'Overzealous Copyright Holders', Not Talking About Self
  29. GOG: Game Streaming Is Just Like DRM
  30. Australia's Piracy Site Blockade Shows Unexpected Results
  31. More ROM Sites to Close Following Nintendo's Recent Crackdown
  32. New Study Shows Innovation, Not Enforcement, Key to Solving Piracy Puzzle
  33. CBS All Access and Showtime Streaming to Top 8 Million Subscribers by 2019
  34. NPD: 17% of U.S. Consumers Only Watch Streaming Video-On-Demand
  35. Netflix Misses Both Domestic and International Subscriber Target
  36. Latest Xbox One Updates Adds Dolby Vision Support
  37. Latest Denuvo Protection for 'Injustice 2' Cracked
  38. Netflix Testing New 'Ultra' Plan Tier
  39. Report: Google Working on Its Own Gaming Platform, Codenamed Yeti
  40. Roku Rolls out 'Mission Accomplished' Banner in War Against Piracy
  41. Nintendo Implements Anti-Piracy Kill 'Switch', While Switch Piracy Can Brick Console
  42. Google Adds Metadata Support for Android, Driving DRM Fears
  43. Comcast Enters Bidding War for Fox, Disney Ups Offer
  44. Latest Ultra HD Blu-ray Copy Protection Cracked
  45. Apple Signs Writers Guild Master Contract, Paving Way For More Original Content
  46. People Use Streaming Devices More Than Smart TVs
  47. Netflix Boycott Fails To Affect Streaming Platform's Likability
  48. US Congress Considers Expanding Copyright to 144 Years
  49. Roku Accidentally Removes Netflix, YouTube Channels on Piracy Grounds
  50. DEG Report: Strong Q1 Growth Linked to Streaming, Theatricals and 4K Ultra HD
  51. MPAA: Global Box Office Sets New Record, Subscription Streaming Surges
  52. US Music Industry Revenue Growing at Rapid pace, Thanks to Paid Subscriptions
  53. Spotify Takes Action Against 'Pirate' Users
  54. Google Removes 'Kodi' from Autocomplete Due to Perceived Piracy Links
  55. Game Cracker Joins Forces with Game Developers to Promote 'Serious Sam' Game
  56. Trump Promises Action on Piracy, as Government Takes Aim at 'Kodi Boxes'
  57. Final Fantasy XV Epic DRM Stuff Up May Allow Denuvo Performance Benchmarking
  58. Spotify's Piracy Links Revealed: Company Used to Own uTorrent
  59. Disney: We're Not Trying to Kill Netflix
  60. Disney Fails in Injunction Bid against Redbox, Judge Rules 'Copyright Misuse'
  61. Google Removes 'View Image' and 'Search by Image' Functions Due to Piracy Concerns
  62. Crunchyroll Vulnerability Opens up Anime, Manga Library to Pirates
  63. Major VLC Updates Adds Chromecast, HDR, 360 Video Support
  64. Redbox, Disney Lawsuit: Redbox Claims Disney Stifling Competition
  65. Latest Version of Denuvo Bypassed
  66. The Nintendo Switch Won Christmas, PS4 Last
  67. Blockchain Technology Could Render DRM Obsolete
  68. 2017 in Review: PS4 Still in Sales Lead, but Switch Catching Up
  69. Apple Joins Alliance for Open Media to Help Push AV1 Adoption
  70. Amazon, Google Dispute Causes Fire TV Casualties
  71. Google Looks to Pre-Emptive Blocking, a.I. For Future of Anti-Piracy
  72. Filmmakers Argue for Extended Fair Use Rules When It Comes to Ripping DVDs, Blu-rays
  73. Disney Sues Redbox for Selling Digital Copy Codes
  74. New Research Shows Netflix Won't End Piracy
  75. Firefox Adds AV1 Support, Codec to Challenge HEVC in Efficiency Stakes
  76. HBO 'Game of Thrones' Leaker Identified, Former Iranian Military Hacker
  77. Blu-ray, DVD Prices Being Cut Earlier in U.K. Due to Streaming Competition
  78. American Movie Studios Fighting Against Expanded Fair Use in Australia
  79. MPAA Claims 70% of Kodi Users Are Pirates
  80. Piracy Rate Drops Again in Australia Thanks to Subscription Streaming
  81. Switch to Outsell Wii U By Next March, Says Nintendo
  82. Video Codec Wins Primetime Engineering Emmy
  83. Portugal Paves Way for Fairer DRM Laws
  84. Netflix, Amazon Join Forces with the MPAA to Sue Kodi Based Streaming Box Maker
  85. More Denuvo Protected Games Broken Within 24 Hours
  86. Denuvo Protected Game Cracked in A Matter of Hours
  87. DeUHD: New 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Ripping Tool Surfaces
  88. First Pirated PS4 Games Hits the Scene, but You Can't Play It, Most Likely
  89. EFF Resigns from W3C Over DRM Row
  90. Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4, Xbox One in August
  91. Game Developer Offers Free Version To Prevent Piracy
  92. Apple Ready to Embrace 4K, HDR
  93. WordPress Reports Surge in 'Abusive' DMCA Notices
  94. Studio, CE Firms Join Forces to Promote Dolby Vision Rival, HDR10+
  95. Perfect Copy Hits Piracy Scene as 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' Runs into Piracy Trouble
  96. A Game of Fire and Leaks, Another 'Game of Thrones' Episode Leaked Online
  97. New 'Cam' Method Sees Unreleased 'Power' Episodes Leaked, along with Leaker's Face
  98. Netflix, Digital Sales Fail to Offset Decline in Home Entertainment Purchases
  99. HBO Hack: Game of Thrones Spoiler Leaks Online
  100. Paramount Commits to Dolby Vision, Atmos for 4K UHD Releases
  101. Download Site Forced to Remove Google Ads for File Sharing Software
  102. Nintendo Switch: 4.7 Million Units Sold In First Four Month
  103. Christopher Nolan Prefers Blu-ray over Netflix, Not Fan of 'Direct to Streaming'
  104. Game of Thrones Season Premier Ignites Piracy Frenzy
  105. Disney Finally Commits to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, First Release Named
  106. Indie Developers Gives Away Free Game Keys on Torrent Site
  107. Mystery Surrounds Further Release of Pirated UHD Blu-Ray Movies - AACS 2.0 Cracked?
  108. Sony To Include Censored Versions with Selected Digital Movie Purchases
  109. No Longer Scorpio, Xbox One X Fits Immense Power in a Small Package
  110. Netflix Hacker Leaks ABC Show, Promises More Leaks
  111. Denuvo's Latest Efforts a Performance 'Abomination' Say Cracker
  112. ExtraTorrent's Surprise Shutdown a Boost to Other Torrent Sites
  113. Disney Reveals Hackers May Have Stolen Unreleased Film
  114. New Netflix Android App Adds DRM, HDR
  115. Lionsgate Choose 'Power Rangers' as Its First Dolby Vision UHD Blu-ray
  116. DEG: Digital HD, Streaming Revenue Way Up, Discs Down
  117. First Ripped Ultra HD Blu-ray Hits Pirate Sites
  118. Hacker Releases Stolen Netflix Episodes, Threatens More Releases
  119. Kodi Shuts Down DRM Rumors
  120. Meet the New King: Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4, Xbox One in March NPD
  121. Denuvo v4, Only Recently Released, Cracked Already
  122. Ultra HD Blu-ray, VR Playback Comes to the PC, PowerDVD 17 Released
  123. Ultra HD Blu-ray, VR Playback Comes to the PC, PowerDVD 17 Released
  124. Microsoft Unveil Xbox One 'Scorpio' Specs, Most Powerful Game Console in History
  125. Amazon Bans Pirate Media Players, Will Destroy Inventory
  126. Streaming Now Accounts for Majority of Music Industry's Income, up 11% in 2016
  127. Startup, Tech Community Oppose Piracy Filters, Says They're Too Costly, Error Prone
  128. Pirates Using Porn Loophole to Stream 'Rogue One', 'Doctor Strange'
  129. PS4 Has Almost Double the Market Share of Xbox One
  130. Ed Sheeran: Piracy Helped My Career
  131. Google, Bing Anti-Piracy Agreement: 'Neutral' Searches, Domain Hopping Addressed
  132. Father Liable for Not Warning Son About Illegal Downloads, New Court Ruling
  133. Popular Video Player Software Embroiled in Wikileaks, CIA Scandal
  134. Netflix CEO Talks Buffering, Piracy
  135. UK: Google, Microsoft Agree Anti-Piracy 'Demotion' Deal
  136. Rights-holder Creates Their Own Piracy URLs to Take Down
  137. Australians Asked to Vent Anger at 'Lego Batman' 48 Day Delay
  138. Game Protection Company Denuvo Fails to Protect Their Own Website
  139. Google to Make HTML5 DRM Mandatory
  140. Denuvo Game DRM On Shaky Ground, Defeated By Zombie Horde
  141. U.S. 'Six Strikes' Experiment Ends With a Whimper
  142. The End of 3D: Sony, LG Removing 3D Support From 2017 TVs
  143. Ultra HD Blu-ray on PCs: Hardware, software Coming Next Month
  144. GDC Survey: Game Developers Not Enthused About PS4 Pro, Scorpio
  145. Massive Screener Leak, Almost All Oscar Nominated Films Now Piratable
  146. Nintendo Switch: Price, Release Date Revealed To Mixed Reactions
  147. UK: Digital Overtakes Physical, Video Game Spending Rising
  148. Three Strikes Had No Effect on Movie Piracy, 'Deadpool' Most Pirated in 2016
  149. Solving Piracy Puzzle Part of Spotify's DNA, Says Company's Top Lawyer
  150. Critics Say US Government Got Piracy List 'Notoriously' Wrong
  151. KickassTorrents Resurrected By Original Team
  152. Pirate Bay Block: ISPs Warn Against Censorship
  153. Report: Apple Working With Hollywood to Bring Movies to Homes Sooner
  154. YouTube To Music Industry: Stop Blaming Us
  155. Play UHD Blu-ray on Your PC: PowerDVD Gets 4K Blu-Ray Certification
  156. Icelandic Pirate Party Given Chance to Form Government
  157. 4shared Defends Unwanted Piracy Record, Complains of 'Bogus' Requests
  158. Netflix 4K Playback on PC Locked to Edge Browser, Latest Intel CPU, Due to DRM
  159. The Winners and Losers in the Battle of Black Friday
  160. Aussie Piracy on the Slide Thanks to Legal Streaming
  161. PS4 Pro Firmware Update Causes Copy Protection Headaches for Gamers
  162. Xbox One Still on Top in October despite PS4 Slim Intro
  163. Ultra HD Blu-ray Milestone Reached: 1 Millions Discs Sold in U.S.
  164. 4shared's 'Google DMCA Takedown Requests' Tops 50 million
  165. Anti Software Piracy Group Caught Abusing Copyright License
  166. Copyright Office Grants New 'Hacking' DMCA Exemptions
  167. Facebook the Latest Battleground for Anti-Piracy Action
  168. Report: Nintendo Ending Wii U Production
  169. Xbox One S To Receive Ultra HD Blu-ray Next-Gen Audio Upgrades in 2017
  170. Hollywood Talent Agency Sued Over Screener Piracy Leak
  171. Cisco Working on Automated Piracy Stream Shutdown Tool
  172. Denuvo Confident of Winning 'Cat and Mouse' Game against Pirates
  173. 'DRM doesn't work and makes our games worse', says Game Devs
  174. Nintendo NX Unveiled: Nintendo Hopes Gamers Will 'Switch' to New Console
  175. U.S. Game Console Sales: Xbox One Tops PS4 for Third Month in a Row
  176. RIAA Seizes Wrong MP3Skull Domain, Act Could Be Illegal
  177. Latest Nintendo NX Rumors: Launch Pricing, Titles, and Hardware Details
  178. Google's Piracy Takedown Reach New Record
  179. Judge Questions Validity of IP Address Evidence in BitTorrent Pirate Chase
  180. Feeling Generous? uTorrent Adds New 'Altruistic' Mode
  181. Music Groups Launch Multi-Million Lawsuit Against YouTube Ripper Site
  182. Capcom Releases, and Then Pulls Street Fighter v Anti-Crack Patch
  183. 'I Love Piracy', Claims Former Disney Boss
  184. HP's Add New Ink Cartridge DRM to Printers
  185. Pirates Release 4K 'Hateful Eight' despite Legal Version Not yet Available
  186. PS4 pro Releasing Earlier, but Misses out on Ultra HD Blu-ray
  187. Another Major Torrent Site Shuts Down - Torrentz Gone Without Warning, Explanation
  188. Report Calls for Operating Systems to Block Pirated Downloads
  189. James Cameron: 'Special' Theater Experience Can Curb Piracy
  190. Nintendo NX Could Be Ultimate Gaming Tablet
  191. isoHunt Settles Final Lawsuit, Owes Canadian Music Group $66 Million in Damages
  192. KickassTorrents Owner Arrested, Domain Seized
  193. MPAA Plan Could Make It Easier for You to Find Pirated Movies on YouTube
  194. Netflix Password Sharing Now a Federal Crime?
  195. Nintendo's Wii U Sales Prediction off by 90%
  196. Content Owners Warn Against Fair Use
  197. It's Official: Spotify, Netflix Helping to Reduce Online Piracy to Record Lows
  198. Frozen, Avatar and Star Wars Dominate All-Time Blu-ray Charts
  199. Early Sales Figures: Ultra HD Blu-ray Growing Faster Than Blu-ray
  200. Another Season of Game of Thrones Ends, Piracy Still High, But No Records Broken
  201. Google Chrome Bug Inadvertently Adds 'Download Mode' To Netflix
  202. MPAAExit: MPAA Warns EU over Ban on Geo-Blocking
  203. Bandwidth Use: Netflix Domination Continues, BitTorrent Use Down
  204. AMC Sues Fansite for 'Walking Dead' Spoilers
  205. Microsoft Officially Unveils Two New Xbox Models, Slim and 'Scorpio'
  206. Sony Confirms PS4 Neo, Ultra HD Blu-ray Playback, but No E3 Unveil
  207. Pre-Piracy Warning Now a Thing, Sony Sends 'Euro 2016' Pre-Warning to Torrent Sites
  208. Internet Archive Warns Against 'Take Down, Stay Down'
  209. New Study: Disc Release Delays Causes Piracy
  210. GOG Gives Gamers Option to Redeem DRM-Free Copy of Their Steam Games
  211. HBO Takes on Porn Site Pornhub over Game of Thrones Nude Scenes
  212. Two New Xbox One Consoles May Be Coming, More Powerful Than 'PS4 Neo'
  213. HBO's Anti-Piracy Efforts Take New Turn, Leaks Episode Themselves
  214. Fox 'Borrows' YouTube Clip for Family Guy, Then DMCA Blocks the Original
  215. Grammy Winner Launches Scathing Attack on Google over Piracy
  216. Court Order: The Pirate Bay to Lose Swedish Domain Names
  217. HBO on Warpath against 'Game of Thrones' Pirates, Downloaders
  218. Australian Government's Advisors: Copyright Laws Favor Rights-holders Too Much
  219. Hulu Using Piracy Data Gauge Consumer Demand
  220. U.S. Places Switzerland on 'Piracy Watchlist'
  221. 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Piracy Overwhelming, but No Records Broken This Time
  222. Universal Reveals Ultra HD Blu-ray Release Slate
  223. Sony's PS4.5 'Neo' Specs Revealed, End of an Era for Microsoft
  224. Hollywood Producer Berates 'Coward' President Obama On Piracy
  225. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks Blu-ray Records
  226. Nintendo NX Rumors: More Powerful Than PS4, Getting Wii U 'Zelda', 'Smash Bros' Ports
  227. Pro Copyright Group Says DMCA Abuse Protesters Are Like 'Zombies'
  228. Linking To Pirated Content Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Advised
  229. Introduce Statutory Damages for DMCA Abuse, Says WordPress
  230. Anti-Piracy Company To Hijack Browsers until Pirates Pay Up
  231. New Study: Nearly One Third of Takedown Requests 'Questionable'
  232. British Music Copyright Group Wants 'Take Down, Stay Down' Google Policy
  233. Report: Nintendo To End Wii U Production in 2016
  234. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Leaked Online
  235. Sony to Developers: Prepare for PS4.5 with 4K Graphics
  236. Chinese Company's 'Fury' over 4K Piracy Claims, Countersues Warner, Intel
  237. Australia Begins Process to Block the Pirate Bay, Other Piracy Sites
  238. Controversial 'Screening Room' Asks for $50 to Watch New Release Movies at Home
  239. Innovative 'DVD Swapping' Service Might Get Unwanted Copyright Attention
  240. Samsung, Philips Removes 3D Support for 2016 TVs, LG Cutting Back Too
  241. Microsoft's Grand Gaming Plans: Upgradeable Xbox, Unified Platform
  242. Popular Blu-ray Ripping Tools Calls It Quits
  243. Kodi to Take Legal Action to Rid Piracy Links
  244. Chinese Cracking Groups Claims They've Cracked Denuvo
  245. MPAA Strikes Industry Defining Copyright Deal with Domain Name Registry
  246. The Pirate Bay Adds 'Instant' Streaming to Torrents
  247. PayPal Takes Aim at VPN, SmartDNS Providers
  248. Netflix Bigs Up HDR as Bigger, Better than 4K
  249. EA Boss Accidentally Leaks Xbox One Sales Figures
  250. Hollywood's Fear of Technology Behind Continued Use of 'Easily Pirated' Screeners